Fix-It Minor Home Repairs:

Need: Fix-It Folks

Our repairs can mend the heart.

The Fix-It programs provides grab bar installation and minor home repairs to seniors and adults with disabilities. These small jobs help to decrease risk of household falls, thus keeping seniors safe in their homes.


How It Works

As a Fix-It volunteer you will provide services such as: grab bar installation, fixing walkers and wheelchairs, repairing lamps and switches, installing smoke detectors and weather strippers. The clients provide the tools and materials. Services are provided at no cost. The jobs are small but necessary repairs that do not justify the expense or time of a paid tradesperson. Service is totally dependent on finding a volunteer to fulfill the request.


Our ideal volunteers are able to commit to a minimum of 5 hours per month of on-site repair work.


This is a unique volunteer position that allows for a one-on-one personalized service for our clients while also allowing you the maximum flexibility in scheduling, choosing only the jobs that fit your location, time commitment and skills.


Mileage reimbursement to homes is available.


Click Here to volunteer for Fix-it.

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