Meet the BCCC Team


Chrysti R. Britt, Executive Director

Chrysti joined BCCC after a diverse career in development. Her experience has led her to create, implement, oversee and grow an array of fundraising programs as well as creating organizational goals and strategic planning. Her background includes work in civil services, human services, emergency medical services and criminal justice. Chrysti was inspired to work in senior services after watching her mother become the primary caregiver for her grandfather. “Watching my mom drive my grandpa to appointments, make sure he had food in his refrigerator, get him lunch, take him out, or just help him get out of the house exposed me to how life-changing it can be to have someone in your life that cares” she says. Chrysti sees the growing opportunities for services for older adults and looks forward to making BCCC a household name for those who are in need of services that them stay comfortable in their homes as they age.


Contact Chrysti:  email  |  (303) 443-1933 ext. 415



Portrait: Shun-Luoi Fong

Shun-Luoi Fong, Director of Communications

With a diverse background in tech, design and visual media, Shun-Luoi brings a passion for leveraging a variety of tools—both online and offline—to gather people together around shared stories and experiences. Before joining BCCC he ran his own creative studio and story incubator, A Shared Humanity, that helped individuals and companies more effectively connect their stories to their audiences. Shun-Luoi brings an innovative and growth mindset to the team, and is excited about finding new ways to build stronger conversations and connections within the BCCC community and beyond. His vision can be summarized in the following way: “Every human being is unique and beautiful, yet there is much more that unites us than separates us. Dignity. Love. Faith. Community. Creativity. Redemption. Values such as these are what compel me to create and tell stories. I accomplish this using a diversity of tools, but it is only through listening, learning, and loving those around me that the most compelling stories are revealed.”


Contact Shun-Luoi:  email  |  (303) 443-1933 ext. 404




Thalia Foster, Director of Volunteers

Thalia has spent more than twenty years in various volunteer roles from helping out at her childrens’ schools to almost 12 years as a Meals on Wheels volunteer.  Most recently, she was the RSVP Volunteer Coordinator for Volunteers of America.  “I firmly believe volunteering changes lives,” Thalia says.”Both of my brothers are in law enforcement and they often see the people not behaving well; I feel grateful that I get to see people at their very best. Volunteers are the best people the community has to offer and make the community better.” Thalia lives in a solar home in the southwest foothills of Loveland with her husband and two children. They enjoying raising chickens, hiking, biking and paddling.


Contact Thalia:  email  |  (303) 443-1933 ext. 402




Sharon Greene, Director of Operations

Sharon is lovingly referred to as Boulder Count CareConnect’s “den mother.” She is the one who keeps things rolling every day by making sure that Boulder County CareConnect’s staff, clients and volunteers have everything they need, from paper clips to happiness. “The thing that motivates me most is knowing that I’m making a difference to anybody that interacts with me,” says Sharon. When you call Boulder County CareConnect, you will most likely speak with Sharon first. She has lived in Boulder most of her life, where she married her high school sweetheart many years ago, and began working at Boulder County CareConnect in August 2013.


Contact Sharon:  email  |  (303) 443-1933 ext. 411



Regis Lindsay, Manager – Outreach

As manager of the Medical Mobility program, Regis is the lifeline to hundreds of elders each year who need rides to their medical appointments. He joined the BCCC team in 2014, initially as the disaster preparedness coordinator after the 2013 Boulder County floods. He took Medical Mobility program reins in 2015. Prior to coming on board with BCCC, Regis worked with United Airlines for 35 years. When you speak with Regis, it is immediately clear how much he values BCCC’s work in the community. “There’s nothing like BCCC,” Regis says. “If you go to other areas, talk to people in other parts of the country, you will find that very few programs like this exist,” he explains.


Contact Regis:  email  |  (303) 443-1933 ext. 406



Haley Martin, Program Specialist

Haley spent the majority of her younger years in Colorado, which practically makes her a native, but at the age of 24 she spread her wings and moved to Washington, D.C. Since then Haley has moved every few years, continuously seeking out new places and experiences. She recently moved back to Colorado, but she has her eye on Manhattan and Nashville as future destinations! From a young age Haley knew she wanted to make a difference in the world. Over the years her view of what that means has changed, but it continues to be important to her to orient her life toward giving back. She felt drawn to BCCC after realizing her own dad needed senior services much sooner than expected. You should know that Haley has worn the same necklace every day since she was 16. Her brother, Kurt, gave her the necklace, and she’s never taken it off. Kurt always encourages Haley to think things through and strive to be better. He’s also the only person that’s always willing to call her out…and we all need someone like that.


Contact Haley:  email  |  (303) 443-1933 ext. 401



Jeanie Weber, Communications Specialist

Jeanie has lived a mostly nomadic life. Originally from Peru, she subsequently moved to Alabama, North Carolina and then Shanghai, China. After nine years in China she returned to the US to attend Florida Gulf Coast University, and then moved to Colorado. And no, her parents weren’t in the military, and she doesn’t speak Chinese—just English and Spanish. Jeanie was named after her grandma, Nancy Jean Weber, who is a natural born storyteller. Always ready with a helping hand no matter who it is or what they need, Nancy is practically a one-woman BCCC. Like her grandmother, Jeanie was also born a storyteller, and she is proud to share the stories of people like Nancy and the people they help. Jeanie has always learned best by watching the people she loves. Through their mistakes and accomplishments, they have taught her how to be selfless and unafraid to be herself. She lives life candidly, with the hope that one day her niece might look to her and become a better person as a result.


Contact Jeanie:  email  |  (303) 443-1933 ext. 409


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