Board of Directors

Boulder County CareConnect is governed by a Board of Directors that is dedicated to promoting the security, comfort, and independence of Boulder County seniors and adults with disabilities. These dedicated volunteers support BCCC by ensuring program effectiveness, conducting financial oversight, and setting our strategic direction. They are also deeply involved with connecting our organization with the greater Boulder County community.


Elliot Forsyth, Chair |   Wells Fargo Advisors / Kelley & Forsyth Financial Consulting Group

Carey Mason, Vice Chair |  The Alternative Board

Brooke Brestel, Secretary |  Vincent, Romeo & Rodriguez, LLC

Robert Schaffner, Treasurer |  Retired | Volunteer for BCCC Fix-It and Carry-Out Caravan programs

Daniel Benavidez |  International Business Consultant

Jan Berg |  Marketing & Events Consultant

Nancy Chin-Wagner |  Nancy Chin Wagner, LLC

Karen Pickering |  Bolder Insurance

Mark Spiegel |  Bowes Spiegel Architects and Project Managers


100% of our board members contribute financially to Boulder County CareConnect’s mission.



Legacy Board Members

John Greenwood  |  Greenwood & Myers Mortuary

Susan H. Moratelli  |  Sunflower Bank, N.A.

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