Boulder County CareConnect helping seniors

About Boulder County CareConnect

Our volunteer-powered safety net services for seniors and adults with disabilities help them stay safe and live more independently. BCCC is a nonprofit organization that has been helping seniors in Boulder County since 1972.


An Age Wave in Boulder County

We’re seeing a growing trend in Boulder County. An increasing number of our friends and neighbors are growing older. The Boulder County 2015-2019 Age Well Strategic Plan indicates that adults 60 years and older represent the fastest growing segment our population. In 2015, this group represented 19 percent of our population. By 2040, forecasts suggest that 60-and-over adults will account for over 26 percent. This shift will strain the limited services that help our most vulnerable citizens.

Helping Seniors Live Safer and More Independently

We’re doing our part to help seniors live with dignity and thrive as long as possible. These five volunteer-powered safety net services help local seniors stay safe and live more independently:

  • Carry-Out Caravan:  Volunteers take orders, shop for, and deliver groceries to the homebound and those who can’t shop for themselves.
  • Fix-It:  Minor home repairs including grab installation, wheelchair and walker repair, fire alarm installation, and more that help seniors stay safe in their homes.
  • IceBusters:  Volunteers shovel snow all winter long to help our elder neighbors comply with municipal regulations and reduce their risk of falling.
  • Medical Mobility:  Volunteers use their own vehicles to provide escorted transportation to and from medical appointments for those who can’t get there themselves. (Provided in partnership with Via).
  • YardBusters:  Volunteers perform basic yard maintenance to help seniors comply with municipal regulations and reduce their risk of falling.

Knowing they are able to get nutritious food each week, that their homes are safer, and that they have reliable transportation to the doctor’s office – these are small miracles for our elder clients. They often tell us that these basic services make a huge difference between being independent – or not.



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